19 Days: Day 207 Recap

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The last chapter of 19 Days fell flat with me. I found it to be filler we didn’t and was really hoping for something exciting this time around. However my housemate absolutely loved it and analyzed it to such detail. Both of us were looking forward to this chapter so hopefully it will live up to our expectations. In the last chapter Jian Yi brought Zhang back to his place. Zhang is very concerned for his friend and was there to have a serious discussion with him, Jian Yi wasn’t taking him seriously and ended up having a knee to the face. So, what has happened since…

Jian Yi is in the bathroom cleaning his teeth, he’s trying to figure out what’s wrong with Zhang. Zhang said he had a couple of questions he wanted to ask Jian Yi, who believes he’s going to ask questions about the kidnapping. After a bit of tom foolery they lay down in bed. Jian Yi tells him he can’t ask him any questions and he will answer them seriously…after much staring at eachother….Zhang asks his question.

Screen shot 2017-07-23 at 14.25.23

Okay everyone is happening!!!! Stay calm!!!  This exceeded any expectation I had for this chapter. The last panel and his expression pains me. You can see the sheer utter panic that’s going through his mind and the fact I can feel for him so much even though he is clearly a fictional character shows what a talent Old Xian is.

I have no idea what to expect with the next chapter. I’m hoping he will answer him seriously like he said he would and gives him the straight answer. I hope Old Xian doesn’t repeat what happened before with Jian Yi telling Zhang he liked him but just as a friend. I said that in the last chapter I wanted their relationship to progress as I felt it was progressing too slowly. I can’t quite picture what Zhang’s reaction would be if he says yes.

Something tells me that in the next chapter Old Xian may cut to different characters. Old Xian usually pulls this move so crossing fingers it’ll be the She Li chapter I’ve been waiting too long to come out.

You can read 19 Days here

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