19 Days: Day 206 Recap

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There has been so so soo much going on in 19 Days that’s it becoming difficult to keep up!! For those of you who are new 19 Days is a web comic manhua created by the very talented Old Xian. It centres around a group of four boys and their time together in Middle School. In high school one of them disappears after two days of attending and this manhua leads up to that moment!! So far there has been bromance, slightly forced romance, sexual assault allegations, a kidnapping as well as many other insane plot twists!! In our last chapter we saw the boys playing basketball and just bumming around, Zhang offers to stay with Jian Yi since his mother is out of town which of course Jian Yi is more than happy to agree to. So what has happened since? Let’s find out!!

We have officially left the basketball court and we are now in Jian Yi’s place and Zhang is right behind him. Whilst Jian Yi is in high spirits (the love of his life is staying at his house for a sleepover) Zhang is is troubled. The whole kidnapping has left the boy worrying and wants to discuss the whole thing with Jian Yi, who isn’t taking as seriously…

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Opinion (spoilers)
Enough with the violence!!! Zhang is such a tortured and confusing soul. He wants to protect Jian Yi and next minute he attempts to batter him!! I’m starting to feel so sorry for Jian Yi. Everyone around treats him quite badly, even his best friend. I cannot see how the relationship within the manhua is going to progress since it’s becoming the same plot scenario every time; Zhang is worried about Jian Yi, beats him, protects him and nothing more. I ‘I love you’s, no sudden realisation that Jian Yi is the love of his life, just the same plot scenario.

In the last two posts I mention that She Li will be in the next chapter and I’m not going to say it the third time as I don’t want to look like an idiot (or get my hopes up).  I really hope we get a chapter all on She Li, it’ll be interesting to see another character and it’ll be refreshing.

You can read 19 Days here

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