Tamen De Gushi Chapter 134 Recap (Spoilers)

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Has it been two weeks already?! It feels like only yesterday when Second High lost the game during South High. The last chapter was bittersweet with the loss of the basketball game, however Sun Jing and Qiu Tong are slowly coming closer together and the basketball arc is finally over!! It went on too long for me personally so I’m glad we’re going to start something new. So what has happened since?

Even though they lost Second High are in slightly good spirits. It’s the day after the game and their still discussing it. Upperclassman is treating Sun Jing, Qiu Tong and Qi Fang to a nice meal at one of his favourite food places. Once they arrive they are greeted to some familiar faces…

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Opinion (SPOILERS)
I love the respect the Sough High bully has for Upperclassman. I love the fact this is going to blossom into one big friend group. The relationship between Sun Jing and Upperclassman is also explored more in this chapter. I didn’t realise they were this close to begin with. It’s pleasant though and also I believe this is the first time Upperclassman is interacting with Qiu Tong. I love how everyone is being nice to her, it’s sweet. This is such a nice sweet manhua!! There is nothing about it that’s unpleasant even when Sun Jing confessed and was rejected it was handled with care! Now can we please have Qin Xiong back!!

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