July Wishlist #1

July Wishlist #1


Last week was a week from Hell!!! Last week has made re-assess my whole entire life as what I’m doing right now is not working for me. Of course I do not want to get too personal with my problems (even though I would honestly LOVE to rant on my own personal space), I need to remember that what is said on the internet, stays on the internet.
In order to cheer myself up I’ve decided to do a wishlist!! I have done any in a while and it’s been pleasant to look around the internet and find cute new things that I cannot buy because I have no room and I’m just too poor!!
The Victor figure I found on my favourite Figure store AmiAmi and I fell in love with it immediately!! As far as figurines go it’s beautiful and it has this nice smooth shine. I love all the creases and detail in this figurine!! I must have it…once I’m rich. I am waiting for an Otabek figurine to come out and after him and Yuri proving to be popular thanks to ‘Welcome to the Madness’ I don’t think I’ll have to wait much longer!!
The ‘Love me Harder’ top I found whilst browsing the Happy Monday Store which specialises in women’s weeb clothing. Once I added this to my list I found tonnes and tonnes of items that I fancied getting for myself and since I’m heading to my first musical festival soon I need to stock up on nice, new festival clothes! I’ve decided to make a separate wishlist on those particular buys.
I only own one Nendoroid (I know right?!?) and think I’m definitely need to add to my collection. Genos is one of my favourite anime boys and he would look so cute next to my other figurines. There is also a Saitama nendoroid and I think you would all agree that I cannot buy one without the other.
Even though it cheer me up as much as I wish it did, it at least distracted me for a little while. Until next time.

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