Gintama Live Action

On July 14th they will release Gintama – Live Action in Japanese theatres and I for one am incredibly excited about it’s release!!

The Gintama manga is authored by Sorachi Hideaki, and the anime series is based on the manga. The manga was first serialized in Weekly Shounen Jump, interspersed with the occasional episode created by the anime creators themselves. In accordance to the manga’s original premise, the series is a part-period drama, part science-fiction and 100% comedy; with elements of space monsters and aliens mixed with historical samurai and ninjas.

The series itself has some incredibly poignant messages too and some hard lessons!! It’s hilarious but will occassionally tug on your heart!! Sometimes the series will contain random episodes while others go through a plot (I recommend episodes 100-105, edge of your seat action from start to finish).

I’ve just seen all of the trailers and I honestly cannot wait for it’s release. They look like they’ve done an amazing job!! Granted some of the CGI looks, well, crap to put nicely but regardless it looks like it’s sticking true the anime and the manga!!!

All of the actors seem to be enjoying their roles and giving a solid performance!! Gintama is probably one of the most popular parody anime’s out there so there is a lot riding on this live-action!! Sometimes I find when it comes to live-actions I get slightly anxious. Just like everyone I want the characters I love to be portrayed well, I feel as if this live-action will rekindle my love for the anime and will not disappoint me!!

I honestly cannot wait to see Sougo and Hijikata in action!! Both of whom don’t appear much in the trailer and I’m glad somewhat, makes me even more excited for the film!!!

Are you looking forward to any live-actions this year?


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