19 Days: Day 204 Recap (Spoilers)

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The whole fandom was left slightly puzzled when Old Xian’s instagram stated that they were ‘taking a break’. The speculation and worry became slightly intense that it resulted that one of her friends/colleague had to report that the account was fake and that Old Xian was not taking a break of any kind. Since then the account has been taken down and a new chapter has been released!!! Last time we saw the brief return of She Li where he got drenched by Jian Yi drink. Jian Yi is off to meet He Tian and Mo Guanshan who had a slight moment on the basketball court. So what has happened since?

Jian Yi arrives at the basketball court, drinks in hand and already asking where Zhan Zhengxi is. He Tian is acting slightly coy and we’re left questioning whether he invited Zhan or not, while Mo Guanshan happily drinks his drink. Of course Jian Yi already believes that they only invited him for drinks and ends up kicking their drinks out of their hands..

Screen shot 2017-06-27 at 20.23.33

This chapter was absolutely hilarious and well worth the wait!! I loved the teamwork between Mo Guanshan and He Tian and lo and behold Mo Guanshan is smiling!! He is actually smiling!!! If you’ve been reading the manhua as long as I have then you would know that Mo Guanshan has not smiled yet, not even once but now look at him!! Happy and smiling and the expense of his friend!!

‘Did you level up?’ this was an adorable and funny moment between Jian and Zhan but the whole fandom understands why too!! Look at that new haircut!! Handsome boy!! I hope they all interact in the next chapter but something tells me that She Li will have his own chapter. I can’t see Old Xian giving us a full chapter of them playing basketball but the end of the game definitely, so I feel some She Li filler plot coming our way.

You can read 19 Days here

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