Kat and Rhi go to Retrofest

One of the great things about living in the city is that there’s never nothing to do. There’s always a local band to support, or a theatre production to see, or a mini festival to attend, so you don’t have to spend your evenings sitting around in your old, over-sized university hoodie, re-watching the episodes of Sex and the City with Ron Livingston in them, and using mini poppadoms to scoop out the last of the guacamole.

choose to spend my evenings like this… I’m fine.

But if ever you feel like masquerading as a functioning and social part of your community, then a mini festival is a pretty great place to start – there’s a bunch of different types happening all the time.

I know Rhian went to a Cardiff Animation Night a couple weeks ago, and last Sunday I dragged my poor hungover self to one of the mini film fest nights in Kongs to see Scott Pilgrim vs The World. My Facebook is perpetually notifying me of people attending food fests or vegan fests or ‘try this new ale’ fests. Swnfest is a series of live concerts put on with local bands, and not-local bands, and it runs for, like, a month – so you can’t use the ‘but the new episode of [insert Netflix Original series here] is out tonight, I couldn’t possible leave the house’ excuse, because there’s literally some band playing some gig somewhere every single Cardiff night. Go, look around, it totally counts as being cultural.

So me and Rhi went to Retrofest.


We ended up going because I’d ordered the same take-away from Yo Sushi for the third time in the space of a month It was the same delivery guy every time, and he gave me a flyer because he probably figured I needed to get out more. He promised there’d be vintage clothes and vegan food, and who am I to say no to the guy who brings salmon chahan right to my door?

rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger retro fest cardiff

After applying a modest amount of glitter, we headed out to Kongs and I bought an iron-on lipstick patch within about forty-five seconds of getting through the door. See, I love getting patches, and then spending the rest of my life wondering what to attach them to – I can’t commit to stitching my ‘sorry about last night’ patch onto a denim jacket, because what if I change my mind, and actually want it on the back pocket of my skinny jeans?


(brands pictured above: Your Creative Playground, Skinny Dip LondonLife Club, Tough Times Press, Strange Ways, Lil Bullies, The Tuts, and Personal Best)

I’m fine.

There were only a couple stalls set up, but they all had cute, quality things to sell – pom-pom headbands, and pins, and little ceramic incense holders, and brightly coloured vintage denim short-shorts, and these adorable transparent crop tops with sea shells on them that weren’t in my size, so that was kind of a bummer, but whatever. The vegan snacks were nachos and cupcakes, which was good, and the bar was open, which was even better.

I spent a humble pound coin on my little lipstick patch from Your Creative Playground. Rhian bought everything else. Including two pots of glitter from Glitter Disco Child for me, because she wants me to have nice things ❤


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