The Dark Triad – Seto Kaiba, The Fictional Crush


I cannot quite remember my first fictional crush but I do remember that I was more inclined to prefer the ‘bad boys’ For example in The Lion King I wept my tiny little heart out when Scar died, whilst Gaston (obvsiously now I just see him as nothing but a massive dick) left such an impression I ended up playing him in a theatre production of Beauty and the Beast. I assume that my first fictional crush was a Disney Prince but my memories of it have been overshadowed by the ‘ew boys are gross’ phase.

However, I do remember in my tweens being introduced to Yu Gi Oh, I thoroughly enjoyed the anime and one character in particular caught my attention, so to speak. I remember thinking that Seto Kaiba was, you know… alright for a fictional character. I don’t know whether it was that arrogant ass hat attitude, or the 6ft height or that chin you can  cut your finger with but Seto Kaiba was the ‘www if only he was real’ character.


Of course this love for the ‘bad boys’ of anime even crossed the DBZ territory with Vegeta (He was my first tattoo) and then again with Toshiro Hijikate and Sougo Okita in Gintama, but Kaiba will always be ‘the first’.


Of course there was a Yu Gi Oh lull at one point but then Yu Gi oh Abridged came to my attention and my crush for this rich asshole was ignited once more. Littlekuriboh plays him incredibly well. By this time I also found the world of.. fan art. As you all know some of the fan art can be…suggestive…graphic…amazing…which made this fictional crush weird and confusing. Then I learnt about Yu Gi Oh ships and of course Puppyshipping (Seto Kaiba and Joey). That spurred my love for yaoi and I ended up finding some amazing manga’s based on these two!!

Even now when I see a new manga release with Seta Kaiba portrayed as a dominant character my inner fangirl squeals with joy. I guess it’s true when they say ‘a girl always remembers her first crush’.