Kat Writes A Long Goodbye To Disposables

I’ve been shaving my legs for over a decade now, and I’ve never been very good at it. This specific shortcoming comes from the awkward combination of two characteristics: a predisposition to be forgetful, and a slight tendency towards clumsiness.

Venus has always been my go-to brand, but when three Venus Swirl replacement cartridges set me back £10.99, I kind of begrudge buying new ones. Pair that with genuinely forgetting to get them when I desperately need them, and I end up using the same blades for weeks. Turns out this bad habit is why my legs are never flawlessly smooth. Re-using razors collects bacteria, which means shaving bumps and redness, so even after carefully Venus Swirl-ing my little legs, I still lack the confidence to not wear tights. And with the heat almost hitting 30 degrees last week, wearing jeans was not what I wanted to be doing. And yet, I wore my black mom jeans for 3 straight days. It was grim. I almost evaporated.

I even tried switching to those sad plastic disposable razors, and managed to cut myself every time. Every. Single. Time.

The last time I used a disposable razor was after showering at my boyfriend’s house before he was actually my boyfriend. I’d spent a couple days in Dublin and hadn’t bothered shaving my legs at all because, come on, who actually would? Sure, I could have kept on top of my grooming, or I could have gotten drunk at three different alcohol museums.


No contest. Dublin is a great holiday.

So I guess the obvious question here is: is there a good way to tell the guy you’re not even quite dating yet that you are such an irredeemable klutz that the thought of using one of his disposable razors actually frightens you?

Answer: no, of course there’s no good way to tell a guy that.

And so, I inevitably ended up slicing myself, like, nine times and sat in his bath for fifteen minutes wondering if there was a good way to tell the cutest guy I’ve ever met that my knees and ankles and shins are bleeding so profusely that it’s now all over his bathroom.

Answer: nope.

Friction Free Shaving is a razor blade subscription service that ensures you never have to use a blunt blade ever again – no shaving bumps ever again – and I reckon it’s about to change my whole life.


There are two subscription options – Frankie is a cute pink and white shaver that comes with four packs of 3-blade replacement cartridges for £5 a month; Samantha has four packs of 5-blade cartridges, is chic in shiny rose gold and matte black, and costs £8 a month. They both have a vitamin E strip, which helps keep legs smooth, and they even come with a coupon so your friends can get 30% off their first month when they subscribe – nice.


After the very first use my legs don’t look nearly as red or as bumpy as usual, and that vitamin E strip really makes a smooth difference. There’s definitely a weight to the handle, and I like that, it sets it apart from the flimsy disposable ones and gives better control. Control is something that might help me just shave normally, as opposed to tearing the top layer of skin away from my leg muscles – a bummer of a shower-time pass-time that I would love to overcome.

For the sake of ‘not wanting to lie in my first ever blog post’, I should probably admit that, yes, I did cut myself. But it was only once. And it was on my knee – the area most notorious for getting cut – so I won’t hold that against Samantha. Besides, with the £2.99 I’ve saved by switching brands, I can afford to get the cute plasters.

Here’s my coupon code if anyone fancies trying it out. Join the club.




4 thoughts on “Kat Writes A Long Goodbye To Disposables

    1. I tried replying earlier, but I think my internet cut out as I sent it – ughhhh. Anyway, I think I’m going to stick to the FFS subscription for a while, hoping that once I get used to this new razor handle style that there’ll be less knee cuts =] if you’re looking for something different in the leg-shaving department, my friend bought a No No hair removal system which pulses heat into your follicles to get rid of hair, and apparently stops it growing back in the future. It’s pretty pricey, but my friend is looking at it as an investment – like if, indeed, the hair doesn’t grow back, then she’ll save money in the end. If you’re looking for something cheaper, have you tried an epilator (the thingy with rows of little tweezers)? I had one before, but I gave up because it was painful and I’m kind of a wuss – but if your current mode is maxing anyway, it might work out a little cheaper to get your own epilator and do it at home? Hope this helps =]


      1. Thanks for all of the suggestions. I tried an epilator once and it was the most painful thing ever! I bought a very expensive IPL machine and it made my hair thinner but as soon as my very dark hair turned light brown ( a similar tone to my olive skin) it stopped working. A common thing they don’t tell you about with these machines. For how often it’s warm here in the U.K., I think I’ll have to stick to waxing and shaving.


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