First Baby Wishlist

First Baby Wishlist


Now before you start with “OH MY GOD YOUR HAVING A BABY”. No. No I am not. However my oldest and dearest friend Leah is the first from our group to be having the next generation of Llanelli crew and Auntie Rhian has been over the moon ever since she found out!!
It or ‘sprog’ as I’ve aptly named it is due to makes it’s grand debut in early December, just in time for Christmas and Auntie Rhian has been scouring the entire internet to find it the perfect gift.
Doc Martens has always been in the back of my mind when it comes to buying for a newborn. How cute would it look in those little black Docs. A stylish little bubba!!! Also Auntie Rhian is obviously going to get mini Davies it’s first ever gym!! Gonna get it into beast mode before it can crawl.
If it’s a little girl we’re obviously going to teach her about feminism at a very young age. All of us Llanelli crew are a tight nit group who are very supportive of one another. We will teach her that she can be whatever she wants to be and to not let anyone tell her otherwise and what better way for her to fight the patriarchy as a tot than donning a Frida Kahlo onesie (Leah, I’m buying her this).
Now, the Bart Simpson plush will be a very special present. You’re all probably wondering “It’s a Bart Simspons plush, what’s so special about that?!’ well, Davies and I used to LOVE The Simpsons, we both absolutely adored it when we were younger and I hope the little sprog can enjoy it just as much as we did (you know, when it’s old enough).
Also the bottle of wine if for Leah, not the baby.
Almost forgot one thing….cannot forget the love of Tottenham!!
Congratulations to both Leah and Luke!!! I shall be visiting soon…to do a pregnancy shoot….obviously.

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