When Social Media becomes fun!!

Because I’ve been in the mindset of ‘BLOGGING = CAREER’ mode for the past two years I’ve had to make my Instagram and Tumblr match my blog aesthetic. My blog has gone from fashion and lifestyle, to geek blogging, to geek, lifestyle and photography and because of that all my social media had to change as well, which meant my following changed.

At the beginning, all I could think about was the followers. Why? More followers = more revenues + more likely my blog will succeed. Last week I posted “You can’t force creativity’, where I’ve decided to blog what I want when I want and have fun with it rather than obsess over making it into a career. Because of that I can be more relaxed with what content I choose for my Instagram and Tumblr and  because I’m not worried about the following anymore, OH MY GOD I’m having so much fun with them now!!

I’ve tried my best to do a minimalist feed on Insta and Tumblr to relate to my blog. I’ve honestly given it my all. When I was a fashion and lifestyle blogger I only posted fashion and lifestyle images. Nope couldn’t stick to it, the geek within me was creeping in. Same with geek photography, other stuff just kept creeping in. I just couldn’t do it, but I tried to stick to one type of content so I could get more followers which is the dumbest reason ever to not do what you want to do.

I’m in awe of those who can stick to one theme on their Instagram feed (saying that my Floral Photography Instagram is one theme but I’ll get to that in a minute), and I wish I could but I love toooo many things. I love photography, art, Japan, yaoi manga, anime, traveling, geek events, training super saiyan style, clubbing events, raves, fetish fashion and lifestyle, supporting my fellow social media queens, horror, films and everything in between (oh, and food. I can’t forget about food). So, why can’t I show it all off?

It’s also dawned on me that…well… the blog might not become a career and do you know what? I can accept that(ish). Rogues Portal is/has given me tonnes of amazing opportunities and my floral photography is having amazing feedback. I’m more likely to succeed in those two fields than with this and because of that I can post whatever the eff I want on my blog and that means I can do the same with my Insta!! WINNER WINNER!!! Also because I don’t believe the blog will become something more than it already is I don’t promote it as much, which means my Insta doesn’t have to relate to it at all anymore!! This equals having even more fun with it!!

However my floral photography Instagram will, of course, only have images of floral photography, because that’s a career move I feel I can succeed in. You can check it out here.

So what am I trying to say is….HAVE AS MUCH FUN AS YOU WANT ON YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA!! Show your personality off have fun with it, even if your trying to boost your career with it still have a lot of fun!! Don’t worry about followers!!

You can follow my Instagram here. It’s a minimalists nightmare. I LOVE IT!!!





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