Visual Diary: UEFA Finals

Cardiff was lucky enough to hold the UEFA finals and Dan and I decided to have a little wonder and see all the hubbub.

We were meant to go straight home because we were heading to Chester on the Sunday (4-6-17), but this might be a once in a lifetime opportunity and I wanted to be a part of it.

I’ve never seen Cardiff like this before and it’s such a shame because the atmosphere is lively, positive and everyone is having a good time. People of all ages have ascended to our little growing city. Steve Aoki performed on the Friday (for free) and it looked amazing!!! On the Saturday we had tonnes of bands perform with food stalls and everything!!! PlayStation 4 had their own PR experience where you could play the game!

Cardiff city was another level!!! It was completely nuts!!! The atmosphere was insane and I loved it!! I put myself in the middle of the revelry and I had a whale of a time!!! My hair ended up covered in beer and I honestly didn’t care!! Everyone was happy and drunk but no fights, which I’m not going to lie was unexpected!!!

I hope this event will put Cardiff on the map and we’ll have more events like this!! It’s really makes a difference to a city when there is something exciting going on!! 




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