Tamen De Gushi Chap 132 Recap

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Tan Jiu has finally released another instalment of Tamen De Gushi and of course the fandom is pretty excited!! The last time we saw the girls the South High team were still playing basketball against the Second High team, who were losing. Qiu Tong decided to show her support of Sun Jing which of course came with some backlash. Seeing Qiu Tong in the crowd gave our Sun Jing some energy boost and decided that the Second High team can be a bit more aggressive. So, what has happened since? Will we ever see an end to this basketball game?

Screen shot 2017-05-31 at 21.28.27

The Second have come back strong during the second half and are scoring left, right and centre. Qiu Tong is still watching from the sidelines and of course the crowd is getting excited. The game, as well as it’s players remains intense until the final whistle is blown…

Screen shot 2017-05-31 at 21.28.35

I love the fact they didn’t win. I love the fact that Tan Jiu went in the non-obvious direction with the plot and I love the fact that it has come to an end. They’ve left it at a perfect cliff hanger too which makes me think that this whole rivalry hasn’t quite finished. If I’m honest I couldn’t really predict which direction this was going to go but I’m happy with it. If Second High it would’ve been too mushy, also with this it gives Qiu Tong to see Sun Jing’s gentler, more vulnerable state so I believe their relationship can progress from here. Now we’ll have to see if Upperclassman apologises – personally, I don’t think he will but you never know with this manhua, it’s full of surprises. I’m also excited that we get to see Qin Xiong again, I think Upperclassman will need a big hug after this.

You can read Tamen De Gushi here

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