Tamen De Gushi Chapter Recap

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Even though Tan Jiu has given us tons and tons of specials these past few weeks, we’ve now been given the newest chapter of the plot!! I’ll be honest I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the last few specials as I started to find the latest arc to drag slightly. We needed these specials to be a nice break from the plot. The guys are still playing their basketball game against South High and Qiu Tong has made her presence known to Sun Jing. Thus far South High is in the lead. What has happened since…

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Sun Jing has a slight shock when she realises that Qiu Tong is watching her from the crowd. She is clearly embarrassed by her performance in front of Qiu Tong. Whilst Sun Jing is having her little inner crisis some pupils from South High heard Qiu Tong and confront her for supporting the opposite team. Like a deer caught in headlights Qui Tong attempts to explain to herself, however she is saved from a tough spot by Qi Fang, the only second high pupil watching from the sides…

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I never thought I would say this but….can this arc be over yet?! I really would like a new story now. I might be in the minority with this opinion but I feel we’ve had enough basketball, however something tells we have at least two chapters left of this arc… and I’m okay with that… I think. I would like to see more character backstories in the upcoming chapters. We’ve had the Student President, so who should it be next? I hope it’s upperclassman. I would love to know more about him, he’s slightly mysterious isn’t he? I would also like to know more about Qi Fang and Qin Xiong. I think I need something different with this story hence why I found the specials so enjoyable. However I do not want to poo poo on Tan Jiu’s hard work.

You can read Tamen de Gushi here

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