Enjoying the Sunshine

The weather in Cardiff has been absolutely amazing recently so I’ve been spending less time in the gym and more time outside in the fresh air!! I’ve been spending a lot of ‘alone time’ recently and it’s been great!! Over the weekend I edited all my floral photography images and I’m hoping to start selling them really soon once I create an example product.

Bute Park in Cardiff is absolutely gorgeous this time of year and the park is always busy!! It comes alive during the summer months. Circles of friends laughing, talking and relaxing under the sun. I did my sun bathe this week. What started off as a sweet potato colour is now a flaming pink on my face!! I didn’t think I would burn so badly!!

Whilst walking around Bute Park I decided to stop off at the local cafe and grab myself a screwball. One thing I love about summer is the fact everywhere serves soft whip ice cream, the most delicious and most fattening ice cream! This was instead of chest day at the gym hehehe!

I also keep walking past the most beautiful lilac tree I’ve ever seen. The photo above does not do it any justice at all, it’s absolutely breathtaking!! Everyone who walks past it always ends up taking an image of it. Next time I head to the park I will take my proper camera so I can have better quality images.

I also believe I’m going to start experimenting with my mobile camera. Housemate bae bought me a set of lenses for it which I desperately need to try out! Might do one or two posts on the results!!


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