Figurine Wishlist

Figurine Wishlist


It’s been a while since I’ve done a figurine wishlist!! I have spending so much money on blind bags that I’ve neglected my figurine collection (and also I’m very very poor). I’ve taken a slight break from Toy Photography. I decided to stop it for a while because it felt forced. I wasn’t doing it for my enjoyment but to meet a deadline and that’s not the why i pursued toy photography. I figured (pun) that having a quick browse through the world wide web and see what the figurine world had to offer me would encourage myself to pick up the camera once more, set up the studio and shoot!!
The Jibril and Scathach figurines look amazing!! Both look like they have such intricate details, especially with Jibril’s hair!!! The colours on both figurines look so vibrant and beautiful.
I’ve never been more excited for a figurine announcement than I was when I found out that they were releasing a Sougo Okita figurine in gender bend form. I love Gintama and I love anime’s most adorable sadist! The figurine itself looks badass and would be perfect for my collection!! As you can see I also have my eye on a Hijikata figurine which, just like the Sougo Okita figurine is part of the G.E.M series.
I believe figurine is also part of the soul crossing arc and it’s…well…a very handsome figurine. Looking at these figurines is making me really excited for the live-action coming out this summer. Need to finish the anime first.
A bit late to the game but I managed to watch Yuri on Ice recently and Ihave no idea why it’s taken me so long to watch it!! It’s amazing!! The ice skating scenes are gorgeous as well as the story itself being so cute and romantic! My favourite character has to be Yuri Plisetsky, such an angry adorable kitten. If I can find a better figurine than I’ll put getting this one on hold. I might search the internet a bit more to see what I can find.
I’ll definitely be posting more wishlists soon.

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