Funko Friday: What’s New in Funko Land

The Funko team have been busy busy busy recently bringing out new Funko Pops to all us Funko lovers out there!! With so many characters still in need for that Funko Pop treatment I’m sure there will still be more to come in the near future, until then what do the good people of Funko have for us this time?

Batman: Classic TV
We’ve been blessed with all previous forms of Batman having the Funko treatment but now the classic 1960s Batman TV series is coming to Pop! vinyl! There are six Pops to collect (all 5 of which are villains) and they are Penguin, Mr Freeze, King Tut and The Riddler. They have also given Batgirl the Funko treatment too! Be sure to keep an eye out for The Riddler’s chase variant, wearing his question mark suit and bowler hat — it has a rarity of 1 in 6!

Bojack Horseman
Bojack Horseman is FINALLy getting the Pop treatment!! Washed-up sitcom star BoJack Horseman and his Hollywoo pals are coming to Pop! Vinyl! There are five characters in the series and they include BoJack, Todd, Hollywoo-savvy handler Princess Carolyn,
Diane; and  Mr. Peanutbutter. I’m definitely going to try and get my hands on Mr Peanutbutter and Princess Carolyn!!

Mr Robot
Vigilante hacker and cybersecurity engineer Elliot Alderson is coming to Pop! vinyl! There are six characters to collect which include Elliot Anderson, Mr Robot, White Rose, Angela Moss and Darlene. Elliot has a hooded chase variant with a rarity of 1-in-6!


Wonder Woman Exclusives
There are not one, not two but for four Wonder Woman Exclusives coming our way! They include Amazonian Wonder Woman Pop, Wonder Woman Rock Candy which is a Hot Topic Exclusive, Blue Dress Wonder Woman (exclusive to Gamestop) and Diana Prince Pop which is a Entertainment Earth Exclusive!

90’s Nickelodeon
Your favourite 90’s Nickelodeon characters have been given the Funko treatment. Some of the most iconic shows from ’90s Nickelodeon television are joining the Funko family,
including CatDog, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters & Rugrats! There are nine characters to collect which includes Chucky and Tommy as well as Reptar! Catdog come as an uno as well as Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm,