Funko Firday – What’s New in Funko Land?

It’s Funko Friday yet again and I’m back to tell you of the newest products Funko has to offer!! Funko has had many many Toy Fair’s so far this year that they’ve revealed a lot of products so it’s no surprise that their slowing down releasing new products for a while (most probably until San Diego occurs). Saying that, here are some recent products that the Funko Team have bestowed to us.


Iceman Funko – Specialty Series
Funko has started a Specialty Series which means every month they will be announcing two major exclusives and the Iceman Funko is this month exclusive!! I absolutely love the colour!! I’m certain I might try and get this Funko for myself! In order for you to obtain this gorgeous Funko pay a visit to your favorite specialty store or your local comic book
shop and let them know to order the Specialty Series from Funko.


Captain Underpants Funko
In time for the films release in January, Captain Underpants is joining the Funko family! There are two characters in the series; Captain Underpants and his nemesis Professor Poopypants. Professor Poopypants is also available in his pink suit,
available exclusively at FYE!


Preview Exclusive Pops
Following the Batman Pop’s from The Dark Knight Returns  we have two new preview exclusives which are Superman and Carrie Kelley as Robin!


Tekken Exclusive Pops
The Funko team have added more Tekken Funko’s to the line-up! There are 5 new pops to collect which include TEKKEN King (Caped) which is available at Best Buy, Jin Kazama – BANDAI NAMCO which is available at Entertainment Official Store, Devil Jin which is available at GameStop, Heihachi (black & red suit) which is also avaiable at GameStop and Nina Williams (silver suit) which is avaiable at Walmart.



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