Tamen De Gushi Chapter 127 Recap

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Tamen De Gushi has finally had another update and I couldn’t wait to see what my favourite ladies of manga were up to!! The manga doesn’t get updated as much as 19 Days which I feel is a shame, however there is no point rushing art, great art takes time and this can definitely be said for Tamen De Gushi.

In the last chapter their still in the middle of their basketball game with South High and the Class Presidents cover was nearly blown (his cover being that he cannot play basketball) and of course Qiu Tong is watching from the sidelines. So how has the game progressed?

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The Plot
The game is still being played and Qui Tong is watching from the sidelines and Sun Jing plays. Qiu Tong is beginning to feel nervous and form what we can gather…is very impressed with Sun Jing’s playing. Sun Jing spots Qiu Tong in the crowd but looks the other way leaving Qiu Tong red faced.

We are now introduced to the female player on the South High’s team whose feeling slightly down about her playing. We’re then shown a flashback of her and the bully from South High practicing in the gymnasium. She isn’t playing well however they eventually find her strength within the game…

Screen shot 2017-03-28 at 20.56.24

Opinion (SPOILERS!!)
Well what a chapter!!! I sense some relationship development!! I also sense that a certain someone is slightly jealous too!!! Of course I won’t explain why you can find out for yourself in the book but I am sensing some impending drama. I also sense that Sun Jing may be oblivious to Qiu Tong’s presence, as she seems to have ignored her in the chapter. She is porbably keeping her head in the game!
The new girl in the story seems to be an absolute sweety!! I love how she’s trying to impress the bully and I do hope that something comes from the relationship. I would like to see their relationship develop after the game as I feel he is masking his feelings!!
There are so many relationships developing in this manga, I’m not sure how their going to balance it all out, but I cannot wait to see!!

You can read Tamen De Gushi here 


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