19 Days TV Drama Announcement


This is not a drill people!! THIS. IS NOT A DRILL!!! It has been announced that 19 Days will be adapted to the TV screen and this fan cannot be anymore excited. It is said the ChaiJiDan is set to produce the drama. ChaiJiDan’s previous includes ‘Addicted’.

The network drama ’19 Days’ adapted from the webcomic by Old Xian tells the story of four high school students set in campus life. 19 Days began it’s life on micro-blog with author Old Xian having 4 million fans and is considered one of this generations top cartoonists.

In relation to the adaptation of literary works, CahiJiDan says the comic book is more difficult stating “The cartoon image is already sketched out. We want to find accord with the original but also meet the aesthetic standards of the three dimensional actor, which is very difficult. In addition, the content of the comic is more fragmented, so how to build it into a story rich drama being the major theme is also a big challenge’. When asked if some content will be deleted, ChaiJiDan replied “In my opinion, it is a sunny, warm and positive story. We will not delete content but rather fill the story’

I’m very optimistic in ChaijiDan’s skills in making 19 Days into a successful live-action TV drama. Addicted is a fantastic series and if it’s anything like that, us fans are in for a treat!!

Sources are here and here


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