Tamen De Gushi Recap

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Whilst I was away not only was 19 Days updated but also Tamen De Gushi!!! Tamen de Gushi, or ‘Their Story’ if you’re new here doesn’t get updated as frequently as 19 Days so therefore it can be forgotten on occasions, however it’s fans are loyal and you can see why. The storyline is cute, the characters are likeable (even the bullies have their own moments) and the it’s a positive, humorous  manhua. In the last panel we saw Sun Jing scoring the first goal in the Basketball game against South High and Qiu Tong watching from the crowd. What’s going to happen next then?

The game is moving at a quick pace. The score is currently 4-3 to Second High. One of the players on the rival team becomes aware of how clumsy the Class President seems to be. He catches on to the fact that the Class President doesn’t seem to be that great at basketball and he’s only there to be seen and not to be used. He informs his team mate that their being played (literally and figuratively) so he devises a plan that may ruin Second High’s chances.

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Another great chapter from Tan Jiu!!! It’s so lighthearted a fluffy in comparison to it’s brother manga 19 Days. All the characters have their cute moments in this chapter with the shaven haired bully slowly becoming one of my favourite characters.
I’m slowly warming up to the bullies of South High. They are awful people don’t get me wrong but slowly but surely we’ll see their nicer side. I hope.
Class President is slowly becoming a fan favourite and you can see why! He is a precious cinnamon roll!! Upperclassman needs more panel time I think, he hasn’t really done any character developing for a while.
I do love how happy and positive this manga is. I do believe some angst is on it’s way but it’s going to be as bad as 19 Days, Again I hope.

You can read Tamen De Gushi here

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