19 Days: Day 193 Recap

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’19 Days: Day 193′ came out nearly two weeks ago, but unfortunately I was living the dream in Tokyo for my 26th Birthday and was nowhere near a computer but now I’m back, feeling energised and ready to write!!

In the last chapter we were left with an unconscious Jian Yi on the floor  after a stranger decides to sit next to him in the park and gives Jian Yi what I assume is some form of smelling salts. So, what has happened since?

Our first panel sees Zhang Xixi fast asleep when his phone begins to ring, he answers however we don’t know at this point who is ringing. He addresses the person as ‘Auntie’ and tells her that ‘Jian Yi went bakc a long time ago…’ now it’s revealed that it is in fact Jian Yi’s mother at the other end of the phone. She informs Zhang that she cannot contact Jian Yi, which, of course, makes Zhang panic.

The next panel we see Jian Yi’s mum who we’ve only met once, staring at the clock worrying about her son. Whilst wondering what has happened to her son we’re given a flashback to Jian Yi’s first day of kindergarten where see a young Jian Yi telling that he’ll be good and he won’t cry.

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This chapter took quite a while to come out and you can see why. There is a lot of different emotions being conveyed in this one chapter; worry, anger, sadness. All of which is done with minimal amount of dialogue too. The chapter came out just in time for International Women’s Day  and it fits the day so perfectly!! Jian Yi mum is a strong, independent lady who loves her son deeply and that come across clearly in this chapter. It is well known that she may not be in the house often to be there for Jian Yi, however she’s a single mum and is doing all she can to look after her baby boy.
I cannot wait to see more of her in upcoming chapters!! I believe she is going to play a strong female lead and that’s something I’m willing to welcome with open arms!!

You can read 19 Days here

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