I have two days left in Tokyo. I don’t want to leave.


3 thoughts on “Update

  1. I felt like you in 1980. I ended up marrying a Japanese man and things got really messed up. Appreciate where it is you are from. Surely within your culture you can find wonderful things.


    1. Don’t get me wrong I love Wales and I love being Welsh. Some say the Welsh are the most patriotic and it’s true we are. If you’ve seen us Welsh sing our national anthem in a rugby game you can see why 🙂 but I cannot deny the fact that I have fallen in love with this city, and I do hope that one day I will be successful enough as a photograph that I can move freely between both.
      But as the saying goes ‘Gallech chi cymryd y ferch allan o Gymru, ond gallech chi ddim cymryd Gymru allan o’r ferch’
      Translation: you can take a girl out of Wales, but you can never take Wales out of the girl’

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      1. That’s good. It will be important for you to portray your culture and stick true to what you value, believe and know to be right. From the beginning of any relationship uphold these things firmly.


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