Funko Friday: New York Toy Fair Special 

With all the exclusives that have come out for Emerald Comic Con as well as London Toy Fair and New York Toy Fair you wouldn’t think that the good people of Funko could possibly bringing out new waves when they have such a busy comic con schedule…How wrong I was. Funko has now added even more pops to it’s ever expanding line just in time for Spring. So what do Funko have to offer us this time?

Seraph of the Ends
The latest additions to the anime Funko Pop family are the children from the hit anime show Seraph of the Ends. There are six Funko Pops to collect in the whole series and they include Yuichiro as well as orphans Mikaela and Shinoa, their friend Ferid who is the Vampire responsible for killing Yuichiro’s family! Of course they have exclusives too which include Demon Yuichiro (available only at Hot Topic), and Shinoa with her weapon (only at GameStop)! The Funko collection will be out in March.

Steven Universe Wave 2 
There will be more Crystal Gems coming in Funko Pop Vinyl form!! Funko Pop is bringing out it’s second wave of Steven Universe Funko Pops. There are six to collect all together and they are Steven’s best friend Connie; Rose Quartz, founder of the
Crystal Gems; Lion, the magical pink lion; as well as Peridot and Lapis! There is one exclusive in this series and that is the flocked lion which is a Hot Topic Exclusive!! The Funko Pops will be coming out in March!

Buy your Funko Pops here


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