Manga Monday: Never Understand


Writer: Bbong
Artist: Bbong
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shounen Ai, Webtoons
Number of Volumes: 84 Chapters
Available on Mangafox: Yes

What’s it about?
Yuri, one of the school’s most handsome guys, and Jaerim, one of the school’s ugliest, collide!…or don’t they…Can’t understand what’s going on between these two! It’s Out of Control!!


One of the biggest strengths of Never Understand (thus far, I haven’t quite completed the manga yet) is the realistic way the characters are portrayed. For example our ‘seme’ isn’t some overly good-looking, overly-brooding Mr Perfect. Our ‘seme’ has his funny moments, complete with flaws and everything. He gets angry, he gets jealous and he gets embarrassed. He had a sense of realism that I have not found in many yaoi manga’s, especially for a ‘seme’ (seme – the one who takes a dominant role within a yaoi manga relationship). Our ‘uke’ (uke – the one who takes a submissve role in a yaoi manga relationship) also has a sense of realism to him as well and he is such a refreshing character. He isn’t some damsel in distress and he can look after himself.

Some of the main themes of this manhwa is bullying and psychology which runs throughout the manwha. Even though the plot can get a little bit silly at times, the themes of bullying and mental problems were taken seriously. The theme of hope runs throughout the manga and I will touch on that at the end.

We also have plenty of side stories that give us a breather from our main couple, which I feel is sometimes needed in big manhwua projects such as this. I’ll be honest I’ve only been introduced to one side couple which is the otaku and the bully. Their story progresses quite quickly but you instantly fall in love with them. However their relationship has a major flaw….


One of it’s main weaknesses (which is a major weakness that runs throughout most yaoi manga’s) is the romanticisation of an abusive relationship. This may be triggering to some readers and therefore maybe an avoidable manga. The relationship between the otaku and the bully wouldn’t be considered romantic in the real world. It is slightly obvious there is more between the eye between these two so you can already predict the outcome so it might just fly over your head.

Personally, the beginning seems slightly slow and the art style differs from most yaoi manga’s you might read (I loved the artwork personally), however you do become accustomed to the style and plot progresses and thickens!

Give it a chance/Leave it be
Boasting 84 chapters and still ongoing this is a manga you should save for a rainy day. The humour is fresh with great slice-of-life moments that will melt your heart. There is enough fluff and angst to keep every yaoi lover happy. The message of the manga is very clear; you can overcome hardships. How with the help of others the system can be changed and anything is possible.You will feel for these characters like you’ve never felt before. It’s one of those manwha where you will become emotionally involved. None of the characters turn out how you think they’ll will. Nobody is who they appear to be and that what makes this manwha refreshing.



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