19 Days Valentine Special

Since the Chinese New Year, 19 Days artist/author Old Xian went on holiday to have a long and well deserved rest but now she/he is back and in true Old Xian style they’ve blessed us with a Valentine Day Special!! ( Note: this does not follow the usual 19 Days plot, as stated it’s a special).

The first panel starts off with a very worried Jian Yi acting slightly nervous. He’s wondering whether or not it would be weird to as Zhang Xi out on Valentine’s day. He spots Zhang from afar and makes his move. He slaps Zhang on the bum but does not remove his hand. Zhang looks slightly horrified as and asks him what he’s doing. Jian Yi comes up with his excuse albeit not exactly convincing. The tension between them is awkward (as the panel suggests). Whilst their both waiting Zhang brings out some chocolate  and offers Jian Yi a piece, which touches Jian Yi deeply. Jian Yi’s reaction is to hug him as tightly as he can, which confuses Zhang Xi.

We are then taken to the next panel we see He Tian on the phone to Guanshan. He Tian tells him that he’s mailed something to Guanshan to ‘comfort his lonely soul’. This doesn’t go down well with Guanshan who gives his usual expletives. Two hours later Guanshan receives his package (it’s a giant sandwich), bewildered, he has no idea what it is or what to do with it.

This was a very cute little Valentine special and definitely worth the wait. I’m glad we had a bit of romantic fluff for Valentine’s, even though the fandom is expecting an intense storyline soon with some angst thrown in for good measure.

The relationship of Jian Yi and Zhang Xi isn’t progressing much, however it’s pleasant to see Jian Yi more relaxed with his feelings. From previous chapters we’ve seen him struggle in not only trying to control his feelings but to deal with them too. 

He Tian being a big softy is what the fandom lives for!! He still has that ‘cool boy’ snide to him but he can’t mask the fact that he’s in luurve! Mo is still the same angry cinnamon roll but his expression towards his gift is perfect!! I do love the fact it’s a big gigantic sandwich, we all know Mo Guan Shan loves his sandwiches!!

You can read 19 Days here


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