Visual Diary: Arcade, Bowling & Trainspotting 

Hellooo Payday!!!! 

Well ladies and gents I have very very VERY exciting news….. I’m off to Tokyo!!! 

I’ve been talking and dreaming about his for 8 years and I finally booked it on Sunday!! I’ll be heading to the Far East on the 4th March which is only 23 days away!!! To add cherry on top of the beautiful cake I’ll be celebrating my 26th birthday out there!! So keep your eyes peeled for upcoming posts!!

Dan and I had a really fun time last weekend!! We had a load of coppers going to waste so we took them to the arcade and wasted the lot on the slot machines as well as the basketball hoop. Afterwards we decided to relive our first date and went bowling for one game. I was very rusty but bowling is like riding a bike, it’s something you never forget. 

Afterwards we decided to hit the cinema and watch Trainspotting 2 which I highly recommend!! Completely different from the first film but that’s okay. I feel we have a good closure from the first. The film begins with Mark returning to his roots where Spud, Sick Boy and Begbie are waiting for him. The film will hit you hard like a metaphorical nostalgia train. 

An absolute treat of a film!! 


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