Funko Friday: What’s new in Funko Land?

It’s Friday which means it’s that time of the week for our weekly Funko post. The guys over in Funko Pop Land have been really busy bringing us new Funko Pops for 2017, I’ve seen many many new Funko’s coming our way, ranging from different categories including film, Disney and DC Comics! I’m quite surprised how many new items they’ve dropped on us and especially so early in the year! I’m very excited to see what else they have planned for us Funko Funatics, but, until then let’s see what they have in store for us now!

Baywatch Funko Pops
With the new Baywatch movie starring Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson expecting to hit theatres on May 26th it’s no surprise that Funko would jump on the chance to create pops of the original characters. I wouldn’t be surprise if they release more of the original Baywatch characters later on in the year, or just before the new film comes out. So far they’ve created the two most popular characters, C.J. Parker and Mitch Buchannon. C.J Parker is on my wishlist!

The Godfather Pops
Even though the Godfather is an amazing film visually, as well as in plot and other areas, I can’t seem to bring myself to watch anymore due to the controversial scene in Last Tango in Paris and therefore, even though I love the character so much, I will not be putting Vitto Corleone on my wishlist. The Corleone family have all been made into Funko’s and if your a diehard fan of the movie then these pops are definitely for you!!

DC Bombshells
With rumours swirling that Gotham Sirens are trying to find it’s perfect cast, Funko has released four pops on the DC Bombshells. My favourite has to be Wonder Woman!! Look how strong she looks!! Katana also looks completely amazing too!! Prefer this look over the Suicide Squad look any day.

Beauty and the Beast Live-Action
The live-action Beauty and the Beast is coming out really soon and I am so excited!!! Emma Watson was meant for the role of Belle and I cannot wait to see her in action as well as see one of my favourite Disney asshole Gaston!! Of course there would be Funko Pops of the characters of the Live-Action. Mrs Potts looks gorgeous, I love the glossy shine!

That is it for now, I’ll keep you all posted when new Funko’s come out!!

You can buy your new Funko Pops here


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