19 Days: Day 190 Overview


It’s finally back!! It’s been over two weeks since we last saw the 19 Days boys and the fandom is going crazy! Old Xian posted on her weibo that she is currently moving into a new home and with the Chinese New Year fast approaching 19 Days updates will be slower than usual, which of course, is reasonable, I mean she did spoil us over Christmas. But yesterday we received a translation of the new chapter!! Was it worth the wait? Let’s find out…


The Plot
In our first panel we see our beloved He Tian reading some magazine on his bed. He’s on the phone to Jian Yi (we do not see that until the next panel). Jian Yi has clearly explained that he’s made some girl angry and that he doesn’t know how to fix it. Zhang is trying to coax his sister out of her room. He Tian informs Jian Yi “It odesn’t matter what you give them. As long as you speak to their heart, it all depends on your communication skills.’ He tells Jian Yi to think of something himself. In the next panel Jian Yi bangs of Zixi’s door (Zhang’s sister) and tells her they were kidding earlier and that they really have a gift for her. She opens the door and begins to take off his sock, Zhang looks on behind him puzzled. He shapes his sock into a white rose (?) and makes a promise to Zixi that if she can’t find someone willing to marry her, he and her brother will earn enough money to support her. It doesn’t go down very well and ends up having bag chucked into his face.


The panel we find that someone has received a message and it turns out it’s from He Tian to Guanshan who is STILL wearing He Tian jacket (cue fangirl scream from your truly). Guanshan who isn’t really in the mood after an awful (he was accussed of sexual harassment and assault, yes it’s the same day!!) and texts back saying “What’s your chicken dick business what I’m doing”, which of course gives He Tian an evil idea!! In the next panel we see He Tian morphing into the Devil himself. Below that (and still donning his fangs) he pulls up his trousers and takes and image of his nether regions. Mo Mo receives the image and understandably chucks his phone at the wall uttering the word ‘fuck’.


He Tian is such an evil little shit sometimes. Don’t send Mo Mo pics of your ding dong you fool!! Of course there are many many conflicting feelings about this certain situation in the fandom, and I understand where both sides are coming from. However I will not dwell on such a topic. I do have my opinion but, let’s be honest my opinion will not make that scene less or more enjoyable for anyone, so I’m going to leave it.
Cinnamon Roll is STILL wearing his jacket and he looks sooo handsome in this chapter (you know, for a 2d character). Bless him, it’s just not his day.
To be honest this chapter for me was all about Tianshan. I love the other two but I think more will unravel of their night later on in a chapter or two, can’t wait though!!

You can read 19 Days here




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