Marvel Figurine Wishlist

Marvel Figurine WIshlist


I’ve decided that I’m going to throw myself head first into geek blogging!! I will still be doing visual diary posts and the odd fashion post here and there but geek blogging is something I’m feeling really passionate about. Also I want to start building my toy photography portfolio so geek blogging is definitely the way to go for me!!
Of course beginning a toy photography career means one thing: I need to start collecting toys!! But being a poor millennial as I am I can only wishlist at the moment!!
I have tonnes of anime related figurines but I have none and I mean ZERO comic figurnes. Amiami is one of my favourite figurine websites and they literally had tonnes of comic book figurines, and they’re all gorgeous!! Today I’m focusing on Marvel since there were soo many. The above just happened to be my favourites. I love how they vary in character and in colour and in outfits, some are revealing while others are not.
My complete favourite out of all of them has to be Mystique by sculptor Gotaro Takeuchi who also sculpted the Storm statue above.  The hair on the mystique figurine looks impressive and intricate.
The Black Widow figurine sculpted by Yuu Ishii has a nice sheen to it and it’s resonably priced!! She-Hulk looks so cute yet she looks like an absolute beast!!
I hope you all enjoyed my post.

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