Movies/ Television Shows I cannot wait for in 2017

There are soo many films and Television shows that I’m excited about in 2017 I don’t even know where to begin!! From animation to live action there are tonnes of films that have already taken my fancy and has had me jumping for joy!! Here are a few key films I CANNOT wait for!!


Lego Batman
Before I wrote this something amazing happened in work… I ended up serving Will Arnett!! He’s currently filming in the Cardiff and came into my workplace. Safe to say I fangirled a hell of a lot but like to think I kept some form of dignity. So after that brief encounter I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Lego Batman, not only because it’s looks absolutely hilarious and cute, but I can actually say to people ‘I’ve served Batman’.


I honestly cannot WAIT for this film to come out!! I have been majorly excited about this ever since I found out they were thinking of making a Gintama live action!! Gintama is my favourite anime, even though I haven’t completed the whole series (I’m currently on episode 111). I am planning on finishing the anime before watching the film which is going to take FOREVER but it’ll definitely be worth it!!


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Another amazing anime is being made into a Live Action and not only that it’s being directed by none other than Takashi Miike!! If you’ve read any of my previous of my previous film articles you would know that I adore Takashi’s work and some of his films are crazy!! This is a perfect anime/manga for him to adapt to screen reel!! I can’t wait to see what he creates!!


Hidden Figures
Hidden Figures is a film that every young girl should see. It’s already out in the good ol’ US of A but it’s not out yet down my end. The acting looks amazing, the cinematography looks beautiful and also the story is incredibly important and needs to be told. Too many amazing women go unnoticed and have their hard work overshadowed or stolen by men and I hope this will inspire other directors to tell stories of other women who we should all know about!!


One Punch Man
One Punch Man is getting a series 2 and I cannot wait!!! I’ve really missed sensei and his cyborg buddy!! I love the manga and it’s amazing how they capture the manga so well in the anime!! Hopefully it’ll be more than 12 episodes!! Who knows they might do a fill length film!!


Archer Dreamland
I just watched the trailer earlier this week and Archer Dreamland looks amazing!! This will be the last but one series and I think the next series after this will be it’s last so I cannot wait to see what happens!!


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