Tamen De Gushi Chapter 122a Overview


Here I present to you my lovely readers one of the cutest and funniest Yuri Manhua out there Tamen De Gushi which translates to ‘Their Story’. Tamen De Gushi is a yuri manhua and is a funny romantic story of how Qiu Tong and Sun Jing met and fell in love. Thus far Sun Jing and confessed her feeling to Qiu Tong’s but the feelings were not reciprocated. In the last few chapters Sun Jing’s basketball team are playing a Basket ball match against their rival school. We are now introduced to the bullies of the rival school who have been creating havoc throughout Sun Jing’s school, from throwing basketballs through the window glass and stealing mobile phones.


In the last panel of the previous chapter we see a brief glimpse of the class president who is a handsome, tall beast!! We also found out that Qiu Tong attends Sun Jing’s rival school and is about to watch Qiu Tong play basket ball, after cancelling their hang out. So much has happened within the plot that I cannot explain it all in one article, and also you should just read it, because it a brilliant, sweet manhua that must be shared with the world! I’ll leave to it at the end.

So where is this next chapter going to take us?? Let’s find out!!


The first panel gives us another glimpse of the Class President and everyone around him is in awe of his height. He’s a really tall bloke!! We find out that his nickname is Tree (Ashu) and we’re then sent 7 years in the past for his backstory. The little uns are about to play basket ball together and Tree asks if he could join. We find out that he was a tiny little tyke and is…to put it bluntly…a bit of a weak runt. He really struggles catching up with the other children. We then find out that the reason he’s called Ashu is because everyone regards him as a place holder, Ashu overhears this in a conversation which brings him to tears.


He then starts drinking lots of milk and starts exercising as much and has hard as he can so he can become strong. Ashu’s height shoots up at miraculous speed, however his appearance wasn’t able to catch up (so he basically looks like a massive man-child). He never stops training and he ranked from ‘place holder’ Ashu to ‘dependable Ashu’. His skills in the basketball arena do not improve though. He goes home one night and decides that people should do the things their good at so he studies hard and becomes class president, completing Ashu’s life. The last panel shows Sun Jing asking him to help them with their basketball game


He’s only been in this one chapter and I’m already completely in love with him!! He seems like an absolute cinnamon roll! He needs to be protected. He’s so cool he glitters!! I also love the fact that he cannot play basketball!! How will they win? Will they even win?!One thing I absolutely love about this manga is how funny and mischievous it is, and it’s completely adorable!!!

You all should definitely read this manga!! I cannot recommend it enough!!

You can read it here



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