New Year Resolutions 2017

Now if you’re like me you probably make a TON of New Year Resolutions. On average I make 15-20 resolutions. 5 big ones that I keep to myself so I now I definitely do them, 5 not-so-big but important enough anyway and then 10 fun ones that won’t affect my life in any way if I don’t stick to them, of course I like them more than the 5 big ones. Here are some of the Resolutions I’m hoping to achieve this year!!

  1. Make more of an effort with my appearance
    This may be in the not-so-big pile of resolutions but it’s still very important. I’ve had too many people recently telling me I don’t make much of an effort with the way I look (if my mother tells me I look like a hobo one more time I may have to disown her). In order for me to take better care of myself I need to filter my closet, sell some clothing so I can buy nicer clothing, get a make over because looking the same as I did at 15 probably doesn’t help the confidence and also lose some weight. I’ve already started taking better care of myself and making more of an effort but it still needs work.

2. Take more Polaroids
I have a cute Hello Kitty polaroid just gathering dust in my room so I really need to start taking more polaroids. I would love to do and exhibition on polaroids but I need to get an idea first. Watch this space…

3. Start my Youtube Channel
I said I would do this in November and I didn’t but with my new portable studio there is no excuse. I have to begin my Youtube Channel and I will have to begin it soon.

4. More Cinema Trips
Kat and I had a cute idea of collecting cinema tickets (of course to films that we see together) and frame them in our future flat. In order to do that we need to visit the cinema more often!!

5. More Nights Out
Dan and I are used to doing things in the day and then coming home and watching films at night, but NOT NEXT YEAR!! At least once a month I’m going to have a night out, and that doesn’t mean going out drinking because I don’t like clubbing, but going to the cinema and maybe go to a Wetherspoons later, or go to a gig or a late meal. Anything fun will do!!

I would reveal more but I need to keep some to myself!!

What are your New Year Resolutions??

Comment below!!


2 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions 2017

  1. In 2017 I want to take more picture, spend more time with quality people, stop being afraid of the future, eat better, definitely quit smoking, and to be more creative 🙂
    I love your blog by the way. ❤


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