Visual Diary: My Year through Vsco

2016 was a pretty busy year for me. I travelled more than usual this year and I cannot wait to continue that in 2017 (Tokyo 2017!!!). I also changed positions in work and Dan and I celebrated two years together!

I managed to pack one or two trips to London this year which was pretty neat. I went with Dan and the beginning of January and then attended Hyper Japan with Jenni in November. Such fun times in London and I cannot wait to go back there again!!

Helen and I also attended a Baby Queens gig in Cardiff and it was pretty rad!! They were amazing live and their opening acts were insane!! I also attended a Junior Gig with Katrin too which was awesome!! I drank quite a bit and attempted the limbo in front of everyone!! Luckily I did a good job!!

In February I attended a preview screening of Deadpool which was amazing!! I absolutely loved it!!! So many cinema dates happened in 2016!!! Katrin and I attended a preview screening of the Ab Fab Movie thanks to Topshop, it was absolutely hilarious!!

I attended Comic Con Cardiff in March and bought some awesome gear. Two days later I was celebrating my 25th birthday party where my mother made me a Dragon Ball Z birthday cake!! So yummy!!

Dan and I went back home and went to Folly Farm, my favourite childhood place! Since the last time I went they opened up a zoo!! It looked complete different. Vast improvement if I’m honest!!

I also attended my first poetry slam this year! Helen was performing in a poetry reading and she kicked ass!!! So much fun!! The poetry slam was in Bristol which is a city I visited quite often this year. It makes a nice change from Cardiff!

Dan turned 31 this year and we both headed to Birmingham and had a ball!! Night time cinema dates, kawaii cafes and shopping shopping shopping.

I also attended one or two weddings this year. My cousin Victoria got married as well as Team Merch sister Emma! Both looked stunning and the celebrations were fantastic!! Thank you for the invite guys!!

Brecon Beacons became one of my favourite places of 2016. I can now say I’ve seen all the waterfalls. So much walking though but completely worth it!!!

My best friend Catrin moved to Berlin which was a complete shock but I’m very happy for her!! She’s having a whale of a time and I can’t wait to visit her in the new year!!

I also attended my first tattoo convention and finally got my Vegeta tattoo!! I love it so so much!! Definitely going again next year!!

Dan and I went abroad together for the first time and we headed to Amsterdam which was absolutely beautiful!! We went to the coffee shops, we went to the red light district and attended the sex shows!!  Insane holiday!!!

I also saw Abi for the first time in a year!! It was nice to have a good girly catch up and play Pokemon Go with her!!

Dan and I attended my Mam’s birthday on the Britannia, one of the bigger cruise ships around! We adventured in many places and has the most relaxing time!!

I’ve probably missed out on loads of fantastic events but these were the ones that stuck out for me!! Hopefully 2017 will bring me more amazing and weird adventures!!


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