Film Review: Teddy Bomb


I was given the chance to review 2014 Indie film ‘Teddy Bomb’ created by Justin Decloux on Vimeo. I’ll be honest with I haven’t really watched any Indie films and if you ask me to name an Indie film I wouldn’t be able to name you one from the top of my head, so this sounded like the perfect opportunity to branch my film horizons!!

Described as a coming-of-age sci-fi, Teddy Bomb about a beer delivery guy named Christian which finds himself in possession of a ultra violent loving teddy bear that also happens to be a ticking time bomb!! To make matters worse, Teddy Bomb’s original owner wants his property back and will kill anyone who gets in their way. Christian has 24 hours to diffuse the teddy – will he make it in time?!

This is an amazing film!! If you love ultra-violence and blood, splats and gore then this is definitely the film for you!! The plot is clever and interesting throughout the whole film, I was desperate to know what was going to happen next. The action sequences are fats paced and enjoyable. I was left stunned with some of the plot twists, I didn’t predict any of them and it kept me glued to the screen!!

The gore was on par with Kill Bill and Ichi the Killer for me. I’ll be honest I did not expect that much blood and gore so I was pleasantly pleasantly surprised. Our villain was a complete and utter sadist and I loved his character, didn’t really click with me that he was a cyborg! The acting was superb Peter Kuplowsky (and didn’t look a lot like Seth Macfarlane in that hat, or was it just me?) Our heroine was a complete and utter badass, nice to see the damsel in distress reversed genders, Jenny just slayed as the kick ass girlfriend and I would love to see what else she’s been in!

Now I cannot really forget our furry little evil friend, the bear. He’s is wittiest, sassiest bear I’ve ever seen on screen!! I’m don’t want to ruin the end for anybody but I questioned what the ending was about…maybe I’m being really thick but I found it to have and inception-esque ending which I cannot wait to discuss with the Rogues Portal team!!

10/10 for me!!! It has everything I want in a film!! A badass female protagonist, blood and guts and even more guts, a evil blood stained bear and so much nerdiness!! I loved it!!


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