Visual Diary: Team Merch Christmas Meal

One of the nicest traditions of the Christmas season is when us Merch Girls get together as a fabulous team have a dinner together. Nothing is nicer than a works Christmas dinner and this year it felt particularly special, since we were all there.

Sam booked us all a table at Zizzi’s. I’ve never eaten in Zizzi’s before so I couldn’t wait to try the food!! It’s also nice that the girls allowed me to take their picture for the blog. I did it last year so they’ve gotten used to me shoving my camera in their faces. They also allow me to take photos of their food too!! I’m quite lucky to have a group of girls who help support me when it comes to contents of my blog and my photography.

This is what I chose from the menu;

Starters: ‘Little Soul Breads’ – doughy puffs are freshly baked with garlic and smoked sea salt

Risotto pollo funghi – roasted chicken, mushrooms, rosemary, safe and riserva cheese

Winter spiced sticky toffee pudding – warm and gooey with dates, ginger and a layer of hot butterscotch sauce. With caramelised pecans giant chocolates shavings and vanilla gelato.

The food was delicious!! That was the best risotto I’ve ever eaten. It was such a filling meal!! Plenty of room for dessert though! The sticky toffee pudding was heavenly!! I thought I took my time with the dessert but no one saw me eat it!! I must’ve demolished it quicker than I thought. I enjoyed every mouthful though!!! So tasty!!

I had so much fun!! It was lush to reminisce with Lowrie about the good ol’ catering days and have a good natter about everything and anything!!

We’re a pretty awesome team!! We’ve come such a long way…

We should all get together more often.

Love you girls.


P.S Daniela we missed you.


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