Visual Diary: London Town with Jenni

It’s safe to say that I’ve been blessed this year in terms of adventures. I’ve been to London, Amsterdam and so many other beautiful places and now I’m heading to London again with my very good friend Jenni. We caught the 7:21(!) train to London so we can head to Hyper Japan which is held in Tobacco Dock. It’s a convention of all things Japanese including live guests. Of course there will a separate blog post on that so keep your eyes peeled.

After Hyper Japan we went and dropped our bags off at the Hotel and did some retail shopping!! We visited this really cute Kawaii shop called ‘Artbox’ which also had a stall in Hyper Japan. We then made our way through Leicester Square and Chinatown. It was so cold in the capital and there were hundreds and hundreds of people!! The city was busy because there was a match on in one of the Stadiums and the underground was similar to being squashed sardines in a can!!

Afterwards we headed to Oxford Street to grab a bite to eat at Yo Sushi, Jenni and I’s favourite food place. Once our bellies were happy and full we headed to the Underground and went straight to the London Eye, where we visited an underground Arcade which had an indoor bumper car ride as well as a bowling alley!!! It was so cool with children of all ages but it was mostly young adults. We spent a good 2 hours in there playing all the arcade games and winning as many tickets as we possibly could. At about half eleven we retreated back to the Hotel.

Sunday morning we headed for brunch at one of our favourite shops, Selfridges but just to look though, because we are poor poor artists (hehe). We had a quick brunch and headed straight to the train station where our train was delayed by two hours(!), but nobody knew when the train would arrive. Everyone around us was silently angry, people were getting frustrated. Once we were on the train we calmed down and enjoyed a peaceful ride home. What a way to end an amazing weekend with fantastic company.

Until next year Jenni!!


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