19 Days: Day 188 Overview


Waw!! Old Xian has blessed us with another chapter today and this came out quickly after the other chapter!! Doesn’t it feel like a early Christmas present? Something tells me Old Xian is going to give us a few chapter during the Christmas period which is pretty exciting!!!  I wonder if there will be a christmas themed official art coming out soon? only time will tell!! The last chapter ended with He Tian asking Jian Yi who he’s referring when he’s talking about kissing so will it be a straight continuation of that?? Well, here is what happened…

Jian Yi is sleeping on He Tian sofa and Zheng Xixi is trying to wake him up but fails miserably. The boy is in deep slumber. He attempts to wake him up again by pinching his cheeks but ends up having a shock when he finds out how soft Jian Yi’s skin is (oo-er) so for the next few panels we see Zheng continuously pinching Jian Yi’s skin, whose still fast asleep. In the next panel we have He Tian and Mo Guanshan who is about to leave the premise. He Tian notices that Mo Mo is shivering and gives him is Adidas (or Abibas) jacket which Mo straight out refuses! They end up in a struggle where He Tian tells him “if you keep moving I’m going to hityou”. Mo Mo stops struggling but doesn’t seem afraid of him anymore. He Tian heads back but before that he hits Mo Mo at the back of the head and tells him “In the future, don’t try to shoulder everything by yourself”. The last two panels we see Mo Mo beginning to cry.


This chapter became so light-hearted but then turned into pure angst really quickly. He Tian is such a sweetie in this chapter, offering to walk him home, offering his jacket, telling him he can rely on him whenever he’s in trouble, an absolute gem. They’ve still got a lot of growing to do though. Poor little Mo Mo, this is the first time anyone has ever cared for (except for his Mam obvsiousl) so he still doesn’t know how to handle his feelings and even then I doubt this is how he imagined someone who would care for him would be. Everything must be overwhelming for him . On the plus side HE WORE HIS JACKET!!!!! This is what the fans wanted and Old Xian delivered!!!

I don’t know what to say about the other two, but the next chapter will definitely be about their walk home. I’m actually looking forward to having a bit more Jian Yi and Zheng, we have been incredibly spoilt with the Mo and He Tian stories so let’s give the other guys some time in the spotlight!!


Wouldn’t be nice if in the next chapter we saw Mo Mo walking home mulling things over, realises his feelings, slightly snaps and rushes back to He Tian’s place? A girl can dream!! Overall a very sweet and touching chapter, can’t wait for next week!!

Translation Credit to Yoai-blcd.

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