Geek Christmas Jumpers!!

You cannot go through Christmas without purchasing a Christmas jumper. The Christmas Jumper has become novelty item and this year they are EVERYWHERE!! Many charities are now selling Christmas jumpers ( I’ve seen so many adverts) and if you would like to purchase any and help a good cause then follow this link.

Now every Christmas my mother buys me a lovely jumper, I’m wearing last years as I type but I’ve always fancied a really cute geek christmas jumper. Whenever I enter Forbidden Planet I always see Christmas jumpers hanging on the walls and they look soo cute but they never have my size.

I decided to do some research and have a look around the information super highway and see what cute geek jumpers I can find and of course share my finds with you lovely lovely people!! So did I find any? Of course I did!! There are tonnes and tonnes of geek christmas jumpers to be had!! Here are a select few of my favourites!!


Stranger Things Christmas Jumper
From: DaintyDirtbags
Okay I’m pretty sure by now we’ve all seen Stranger Things and we’ve all seen a few Stranger Things Christmas Jumpers about, but this is my favourite one I’ve found. It’s such a nice pastel pink colour and also it’s not over the top either. You could also wear this all year round as it doesn’t have that much of a christmassy tone!!


Tis Over 9000 Vegeta Christmas Jumper
From: CloudCity7
FINALLY!!! I have found a Vegeta Christmas Jumper!!! YESSS!!!! I was searching all of last year for one but to no avail!!! It’s such an ugly jumper…I love it!! Who wants a cute chrimbo Jumper? The more garish the better!!!


Zelda ‘The Legend of Santa’ Christmas Jumper
From: Merchoid
I really fancy buying this for Dan since it’s such a nice jumper. I love the colour and the pattern a must for any geek gamer of Zelda lover this Christmas. Link looks so cute, and if you don’t like ugly jumpers then this one is really really nice.


Harley Quinn Christmas Jumper
From: Destination G
Not exactly Christmassy but it’s still a nice looking christmas jumper. I’ll be honest if they had something slightly different with the front of it rather than make some form of Christmas trimming on the cuffs then it would be great but…they haven’t. I do like the bat crosses on it though!!


Deadpool Merry ChimiChanga Christmas Jumper
From: Merchoid
Let’s throw some Marvel into this post with this really cute Deadpool Christmas Jumper. I love they’ve stuck with primary Deadpool colours of black and red and instead of Reindeer they’ve added cute little unicorns!!

Merry Chimichanga to you all!!!