Gintama Live-action Teaser Posters!!!!!!

If you follow me on Instagram then you would know I am very very excited as they have just released teaser posters for the Gintama Live Action movie and I cannot contain my excitement!!

The films is slated to be out by summer 2017 but I’m crossing my fingers that it might come out earlier. There is no word so far on an international release as of yet. The posters don’t give much away but we get to see the cast in character and they all seem to have been casted perfectly for the part!!! Popular actor Oguri Shun will play protagonist Sakata Gintoki, while Suda Masaki will play Shimura Shinpachi and idol singer Hashimoto Kanna will play Kagura.

I honestly CANNOT contain my excitement!!! I didn’t know what to think of a Gintama Live Action since the show itself focuses so much on parody, but these posters have gotten me super excited for it!! I hope they release posters for the other characters soon. I cannot wait to see Hijikata’s poster and I CANNOT WAIT for Sougo’s poster, everyone’s favourite loveable sadist!!

Are you guys excited for the Gintama Live-Action??