Christmas Shopping #2 Geek Gifts

I recently did a post on the online store ‘Shut Up and Take my Yen’, which as you all know (if you read my previous article) is a haven for shopping if your son/daughter/husband/wife is a bit of a nerd/geek/weeaboo/otaku. For those of you who haven’t read my previous article (HOW DARE YOU..just kidding), Shut Up and Take my Yen is a free online magazine which is run by Weeaboo’s for Weeaboo’s. While they’re not watching anime they display and sell the best of anime, gaming Japanese related merchandise. Many items listed on the site return a small commission for referral (Etsy, Amazon, etc). They will post anything and everything and they post some really cute stuff too!! They also take requests for getting your products you think belong there on their website.

So let’s see who and what they are selling shall we?!


Pokemon Lillie Bag
Website: Amazon
I’ve been meaning to get a new gym bag for a while so this looks perfect for me. If your friend/husband/wife or anyone for that matter is a complete gym junkie and a complete Pokemon nerd then I’m sure I have found the bag for you!! This Sun and Moon inspired duffel bag is an exact replica as the one seen carried by Lillie.


Cat Ear Phones
Website: Amazon
Okay I think we can all admit that these look badass!!! Getting someone a good pair of headphones is always a great idea gift since a good pair of headphones are never easy to come by (talking from personal experience). You can either enjoy your music privately or share with friends once you switch on the built-in LED cat ear speakers. So cool!!


Legend of Zelda Markar Plush
Website: CutesyKats (Etsy)
This is so freakin adorable!! A perfect gift for any girl who likes or plays the game ‘Legend of Zelda’. Their made to order and are all handmade with silky soft fiber fill, fleece, thread, felt. CutesyKats does worldwide shipping from America and she has other really cute stuff on her website which I think you should check out!!


Sailor Moon Tiara Rings
Website: GeekndFreak (etsy)
I already know one or two people who would love this as a Christmas Present. Obviously they’re massive Sailor Moon fans and what better way for them to show their appreciation for the show than donning a ring of their favourite Sailor Scout!! All rings are handmade and the little etsy store ships worldwide from Spain!! They also make jewellery inspired by Pokemon and Naruto so it’s definitely worth checking them out, especially if you want to spoil that Geeky spouse of yours!!


Studio Ghibli Socks 
Website: Amazon
Okay socks may not be the most thoughtful gift but socks are a necessity, especially during these cold winter months. I go through my socks all the time (I ripped three pairs in the past two weeks) so socks are always a welcoming gift and if you know someone who is a massive Studio Ghibli fan then these cute little socks are absolutely perfect!!



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