Christmas Shopping: Rage On #1

If I’m looking for some geeky attire for that die-hard geek friend of mine and I’m willing to spend whatever amount of money of them, I always, always shop at Rage On. I own a few of their tops and I am in love with them. Thus far I have one Yu Gi Oh tank top, one Dragon Ball Z tank top which has Vegeta in all 4 forms as well as a Super Saiyan Vegeta hoodie. I also own a Bobs Burgers top as well as a Rick and Morty top all of which I absolutely love and are the best quality and all of them are eye-catching and head turning.

RageOn has pioneered the art of made-to-order dye-sublimation, also known as all-over-printing, which enables print and design of any colours across the entirety of a product; essentially limitless! By printing on a made-to-order basis, RageOn saves money on inventory and storage, and is 100% green with zero waste.
Their designs are always out there and while some can be completely over-the-top others look amazing and badass!! They all sell other products such as phone cases backpacks and other accessories!!
Here are a select few of my favourite items!!
Rick and Morty Jumper
From: BerryGoodVibes
This jumper is pretty trippy but a must-have for any die-hard Ricky and Morty fans out there!! Of course there are tonnes of Rick and Morty products but this one of my favourites!! This is a quite a mild design in comparison to the other designs out there!! I love the colours as well.
NightWing Tank Top
From: Geek Gear
This is for that gym Junkie friend of yours who trains like the characters. They train hard and their inspiration tends to come from cartoon characters. So this NightWing Tank Top would be perfect for them!
Not Zelda Sweatshirt
From: Geek Gear
Okay this is a really cute jumper and an even cuter gag gift for that gamer friend of yours. It’s a common mistake that people make thinking Link is actually Zelda but if you’ve played the game Zelda is a princess that link helps/saves.
Piccolo Jumper
From: AnimeVibes
I love love LOVE Piccolo. Our Green Dad is an awesome character in the Dragon Ball Z series and if you know someone who also a big fan of this Namekian then they will ADORE this jumper!!
Dragon Ball Z Top
From: zombiewarrior33
I own a lot of Vegeta products! From Funko Pops, to figurines to clothing to wall scroll…I own A LOT of Vegeta products, so I don’t one more could hurt!!! This is an awesome piece of art on the jumper and makes a change to have him drawn differently. It’ll give my Vegeta collection a breath of fresh air and a great piece for that fan who loves this pint-sized Super Saiyan



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