Funko Friday Christmas Special #1


It’s that time of the week for our Funko Friday post and since it’s the season to be jolly I thought I would share some of the holiday festive themed Funko Pop that you can collect or purchase for that Funko addict friend of yours. I’ll be honest they don’t have much in terms of festive holiday Funko Pops but they have 1 or 2 for the diehard collector. Every year Funko make a few special themed Funko Pops in keeping with the season, they’ve already started this year by Belle and the beast in their winter attire from the Disney Movie. I’ve been pondering what ones they shall bring out next but until then, here are some Christmas themed Funko Pops for you to enjoy!!


Belle – Beauty and the Beast
Well since I’ve already mentioned her I should at least start with her. Funko has released more Beauty and the Beast Disney Funko Pops and this time it’s Belle and Beast in their winter attire from the song ‘Something there’. They’ve also released a Gaston Funko Pop which I honestly cannot wait to purchase!!! Look at how cute and Disney-esque this little Funko Pop is!! You can have her with her fur hood up or down and she also comes with cute little birds too!!!


Beast – Beauty and the Beast
We see the Beast here donning his special winter attire along with some cute little birdies on his left hand  and on top of his mane(?). Look at his adorable little face though!! It was a good decision to bring these out when there is so much hype for the live action Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson. The beast looks very strange though doesn’t he?? I’m sure it’ll be a great film but I am holding my breath.


Snow Miser – The Year Without Santa Claus
This is probably one of the most detailed Funko’s in terms of facial feature, I mean this Funko Pop has a mouth!! There is actual character to this Funko Pop thanks to it’s stance. I love the colours of this Funko Pop, the compliment it’s partner funko pop so well!! The Snow Miser is a character from the Rankin/Bass television special The Year Without a Santa Claus. Snow Miser is the kinder, more easy-going of the two brothers. He tells bad jokes and puns about snow and cold weather.


Heat Miser – The Year Without Santa Claus
The Heat Miser is a character from the Rankin/Bass television special The Year Without a Santa Claus. He lives in a volcano and controls the hot weather around the earth. He and his half-brothers Snow Miser and North Wind are the offspring of Mother Nature. (It should be noted that both Snow Miser and Heat Miser were not featured in the original poem that the special is based on.) Heat Miser lives within an active volcano with his 6 minions. Not the cutest of Funko’s but certainly the most vibrant!! I love these fiery colours and his red nose is pretty cute too.


Buddy – Elf
Elf is probably one of the most popular Christmas films out there so of course Funko would create and Buddy Funko Pop. They’ve captured Will Ferrel’s hair perfectly. He is such a cinnamon roll!! William “Buddy” Hobbs is the main character of the movie. One Christmas Eve baby Buddy witnessed Santa Claus coming down the chimney and eating cookies. Buddy spotted a teddy bear and crawled into Santa’s sack. At the North Pole Buddy crawled out and surprised Santa and the elves. Papa Elf took him and raised him as his own child. He grew up a elf.

You can buy Funko Pops here


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