YuGiOh Figurine Wishlist

YuGiOh Figurine Wishlist


I noticed that my figurine collection was missing some Yu-Gi-Oh representation. This (apart from Pokemon) was one of the first anime series I ever watched (apart from Digimon as well). Yu Gi Oh Abridged ignited my lost love for the show. It’s absolutely hilarious and a great homage to the original series. A must-see for any Yu-Gi-Oh fan!
I absolutely cannot wait for the new Yu Gi Oh Movie!! Some of these cute figurines are actually new characters from the new film: The Dark Side of Dimensions which makes me even more excited to see the film!! We have Apple Magician Girl AND Lemon Magician!! How cute do they look?! I mean it seems slightly corny to me to have characters after fruit but THEY ARE SOOO CUTE!!!
I’ve always loved this Dark Magician Girl figurine. Again, it’s so cute and the colours are just so vibrant. Unfortunately being nerdy costs money so I will have to wait until pay day, and unfortunately again, these trio seem like they would look together, if you going to buy one, buy the whole sort of scenario.
Seto is one of my favourite characters on the show. He is just the queen of sassy comebacks. Again I’ve seen this figurine a few times now, so it might be time for me to take that final step and purchase it.
Thanks to Yu-gi-Oh Abridged Atem is one of my favourite characters. Littlekuriboh does such a good job with that character!! Even though it hasn’t reached series 5 yet, I can already tell that Littlekuriboh will do such a good job with his character. I just love this figurine. I love his outfit too, it’s more interesting that the school uniform.
Just like the magician girls above, you have the same principle with the Bakura and Marik figurine, you have to buy the both together. You can not have them separate. It would be like separating Ash and pikachu. You just don’t do it. I love the Bakura figurine, so much detail.

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