Figurine Wishlist #1

Figurine Wishlist #1


Okay, so I have been eyeing up one or two figurines online in the passed week or so and I really needed an excuse to start using Polyvore again. I realised I hadn’t done a wishlist in a while and with Christmas coming up, I thought this was the best place to show you all which ones I might treat myself to this winter time!!
Lucky Chloe Bishoujo Statue looks absolutely adorable!! I’m in love with the colours: black and pink are two of my favourite colours so, to me, this statue is aesthitcally pleasing. I love the way they’ve styled her hair and how detail it looks
The Rin Matsuoka and Sosuke Yamazaki Figurines are two figurines I’ve been wanting for a while and Dan has said he will get them for me for Christmas!!! I’m so excited!! Sosuke and Rin are two of my favourite characters from Free! Eternal (especially Sosuke) so I was very excited to find out that they had created such detailed figurines of the pair from the special OVA that was made. I can’t one without getting the other, which is how I felt when I got my Space Dandy and Honey figurines. They come as a set in my eyes.
The Goku and Chi-Chi on a motorcycle is super adorable and I just love Chi-Chi’s hair. I haven’t seen many Son Goku and Chi-Chi figurines (nor Bulma and Vegeta ones for that matter) but if you know of any please let me now. I may start collecting figurines of my favourite couples soon. The figurine seemed quite cheap for it’s quantity which makes me think it’s smaller than what I think It’s going to be.
The Harley Quinn Nendoroid is also super cute and I’m in love with how vibrant her colours are. Look at her stumpy little legs!! How cute are they?! Harley was definitely the best character from the Suicide Squad film, and I do have high hopes for the Harley Quinn spin-off film. Look at that smile!!! LOOK AT HER!!!!
I have found most of my figurines on Amiami and crunchyroll but if anyone knows of any other good websites to get figurines that’ll be appreciated!

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