Amsterdam: An Overview

Dan and I have been working very hard this year. With my blogging and commitment to Rogues Portal and with Dan changing positions with work, we’ve both been needing a long overdue holiday! So two weeks ago we went on a 5 day trip to Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been too! It was like travelling back in time. It nothing like I’ve ever seen before. The buildings, the parks, the museums, the cities structure (it’s built like a circle, so if your lost you’ll eventually find your way again), everything is just beautiful.

Out hotel was called New Hampshire, Eden Amsterdam and was situated in the heart of the city. We couldn’t have asked for a better location or a better hotel. We have decided that when we eventually return (and I don’t think I need to wait until the end of the post to say that we shall definitely be returning) we will probably use this hotel again, since it was well priced and in the perfect area.

On our first day, we found ourselves lost for five hours. FIVE HOURS!!! OUR FEET WERE KILLING!! It’s an amazing city to get lost in though. As we walked and walked AND walked, we were passing the canals where families and friends were sailing on their private boats! We passed students houses and their way of living left a slightly sour taste in my mouth. Not going to lie I was beyond envious! We passed two students who were sitting outside their house on the steps reaching to their front door making sandwiches. Now that doesn’t sound very impressive but it was soo boho looking and was aesthetically pleasing to see!! It’s a creatives heaven. I could see myself just sitting in Amsterdam on my windowsill, people watching and blogging to my hearts content without a care in the world. Now back to the mundane reality of my grubby Cardiff life…

In terms of the holiday itself…it was INSANE!! We did everything in Amsterdam where some things are nice and legal (wink wink).

Red Light District
On the Tuesday of our trip we spent all our night in the red light district where we went to see a live sex show. Now what do you expect from a sex show? Please leave answers in the comments below!! Now what did I expect? Well, I expected tricks and dancing and…well…lots of sex and, to be fair that is what we had but it’s not as amazing as you might expect it to be. If I’m being completely honest, some of it was extremely dull. Some of the performers were just not into it and why would they be? They do the same thing every night and repeat their act from 9 p.m – 2 a.m!! That means the men have to stay pretty hard for 5 hours just to perform a 6 minute segment, i can’t think of anything more uncomfortable.

​The red light district is not as seedy as it may sound. It’s actually a really nice area but it’s full of tourists but most people are on their best behaviour. We went to the Prostitution Museum where we learnt in the ins and outs of the Red Light District and the women working there. It was very interesting. We learnt how women rent their window, the rules clients have to abide by (have a shower, always wear a condom and its €150 for 6-12 minutes), we also learnt what different colored windows means (Red – Women, Purple – Transgender) and loads of other interesting facts about the prostitution world. We also visited a Peep Show which is again and Amsterdam thing to do!!

I loved the Red Light District but nothing is cheap!!!

Weed and Space Cakes
It’s a well known fact that weed (as well as mushrooms and acid) is nice and legal in Amsterdam. The city was brimming with coffee shops and there was constantly a smell of dope in the air. Of course, we participated. I’m educated enough not by into the whole weed is bad blah blah so of course we had a nice little space cake on the canal bus boat while we watched families and locals dine on Mediterranean Cuisine on top of their amazing boat houses. It was pure bliss!

We went to the Zoo in Amsterdam too and just like everything else in the amazing city, it was completely, and utterly, stunning. The pens were of a decent size and I decided to make a video of our trip there which will be up as soon as I learn how to edit and ass music. It’s mainly a city of sightseeing. If you go be sure to visit The Tulip Market, it’s very very pretty and there is one shop in that area that sells Cannabis Ice Cream which is delicious!!

There is probably a lot more I can write about but I think I’ve covered the important parts…just watch out for bikes if you ever planning on visiting!! THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!!!

There will be more posts on Amsterdam coming soon but it’ll just be pictures!


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