Festival Season with Lori

IT’S FESTIVAL SEASON!! Summer festivals are a must for any music lover or party-goer. I haven’t been too many I’m afraid (womp womp). but my work friend Lori Gould has attending tons and tons of festival and has appeared in one or two promotional films!

Lori is a merchandiser, TV personality (he he he) and a festival connoisseur. I’ve had many chats with her recently about all the festivals there are and which ones are the best or not, and she has been to some banging festivals! i decided to pick her brain for you my dear readers on all things festival!


1. You’ve been to so many festivals/raves. Which has been your absolute favourite? 
My favourite festival was Tomorrowland. I first heard about it a few years ago through my sister who was living in Amsterdam. I was visiting her and she was frantically trying to secure a ticket while I watched her with anticipation. She wasn’t successful through the site as they sold out pretty quickly! But managed to buy tickets to a gig in Amsterdam that would allow you a chance to buy a ticket at a later date. She took a risk and got a ticket! I was curious to find out what the hype was about so I watched the famous Tomorrowland after movie on Youtube. Wow…just wow.
A couple of years later we bought tickets for Global Journey which is Tomorrowland’s travel package. We set off on the Eurotunnel to experience the most magical place on Earth.
Tomorrowland is a magical kingdom like nowhere else on Earth. The main stage is outstanding, encompassing a fairytale worl with dancers on balconies and turrets like a huge castle. Big electronic DJ’s take turns to seduce the crowd.
But the park itself has many other aspects than just music. Every part of Tomorrowland has been intricately decorated and care has been spent on even the footpaths. There are beautiful flowers and canopies and stages floating on a lake. As you walk around you feel like you never want to leave.
The best DJ’S there were Hardwell. His seamless mixes and enchanting way with the crowd was a step above the rest. But there is something for everyone. There are laid back stages, techno, trance and tents that are covered that create a whole other atmosphere.
After four days of dancing, partying, making new friends and watching the most incredible shows on Earth, I was ready for a good nights sleep at home. But it’s a once in a lifetime festival everyone needs to experience.

(Guys, I think Lori likes Tomorrowland)


2. Is there any you really want to experience in the future?
I am interested to go to a boat festival called The Holy Ship. I have heard incredibly good things about it. So picture this… You cruise around in a giant cruise ship, visiting beautiful beaches in the bahamas, clubbing with the best DJ’s and sunbathing until your hearts content. Sounds like the perfect combination. I would love to visit Florida and some in America if I’m ever there, that would be an amazing opportunity. Getting a group of friends to commit to that kind of trip would be tricky though. But would be a very exciting way of experiencing America though


3. Any tips for those who are planning to go to their first music festival?
My biggest tip for music festival goers is to bring a proper water proof jacket! I learned that the hard way when my cheap pac-a-mac leaked all the way through to my skin. My trainers were soaked too! So although being the most fashionable, well-dressed festival goer is an appeal, being soggy watching you favourite dj can be a bit of a moment killer.
I’d also say to go with really good friends because let’s face it, you’ll be spending a lot of time together and will need to go through the tired, cold times together as well as share your favourite memories for the rest of your lives.


4. Now I know you enjoy techno but what other genres do you like? Can you think of specific festivals for those genres?
I really enjoy house music. The great thing is, a lot of mainstream festivals have a house stage as that kind of music is quite commercial at the moment.
I recently went to the We R Festival which is outside of London. I saw MK play Piece of Me with the singer Becky Hill. It’s rare to have the live singer there with the DJ and I was very impressed with her voice. There was a moment where smile confetti fell from the ceiling and it was a fell good moment.
There are a lot of house music events on and I had the opportunity to see Dusky play at Treatment in Cardiff. I’m going back to see them again in September as the electronic sounds are delectable to the ears.


5. Any artists you’re desperate to see live?
The artist I’m dying to see live is Kygo. My sister was fortunate enough to go a few months ago and I was very jealous. I will make it a point of seeing him in the next year i hope!


6. is there any festivals that really don’t take your fancy?
The festivals I don’t fancy are Creamfields and Reading. They have amazing DJ’s but a loss less of the styled up stages and nice areas. The aesthetics make such a difference when you’re somewhere like that. Tomorrowland had hot, nice showers with no queues so I’m a bit hesitant to camp again if I have to do it like a true camper.


7. What is the most memorable set/performance you’ve seen?
The most memorable performance I’ve seen was actually very recent! I went to the X Festival in Cardiff and saw Flume perform. He has a very unique sound and it was so interesting to listen to. Every single song was unlike anything I’d heard beforeand it has definitely made me a big fan. I would love to see Flume perform again. He has a very modern, electronic sound.

You can visit Lori’s Instagram here



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