Funko Friday: Suicide Squad Special

Suicide Squad is finally out!! It seems like we’ve been waiting forever!! Reviews are already out and the majority haven’t been, well, that great however I’m still determined to see it!! I’ve been too excited waiting for it to come out and I refuse to let the opinion of others cloud my judgment. With every new film you always get a line of Funko Pops and I’ve heard that they’ve bought out as many as they can now just in case the film flops.

They’ve gone for the detail look at the movie, meaning they’ve brought out different variations of some characters. I mean, there are 5 Jokers to collect!! I think they’re breaking it up into groups as in they’re bring out the key characters now such as Harley Quinn and The Joker and then releasing the rest. The Enchantress is a special that is coming out in July. All the Funko Pops are part of a much larger Pop! Movies line and they also have their own mystery mini box set.


There are 18 Funko Pops to collect!! 18!! That’s a lot of Funko’s right?! Of course there were some exclusives and are known to be sold in Hot Topic and GameStop. The Underwater Batman is a San Diego Comic Con 2016 Exclusive (I’ve seen it sold in my local Forbidden Planet, it looks awesome, a must-have for the Batman Fanboy). The list is the Sucide Squad Funko Pops is as follows;

96 The Joker
97 Harley Quinn
98 Deadshot
99 Rick Flag
100 Katana
101 Boomerang
102 Killer Croc
102 Killer Croc GITD
102 Killer Croc Hooded
103 El Diablo
104 The Joker Boxer
105 Harley Quinn HQ Inmate
106 Deadshot Masked
107 The Joker Suit
108 Harley Quinn Gown
109 The Joker Tuxedo
110 Enchantress
131 Underwater Batman
135 Dr Harleen
2-pack Metallic Joker and Harley

Here are some of my personal favourites from the Suicide Squad Funko Pop collection;


1.Harley Quinn HQ Inmate
I absolutely love this one! I think it’s my favourite from all the Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Funko Pops. I think it’s because I wasn’t expecting it to be made into a Pop. We all know they were going to do a Daddy’s Little Monster Funko so it made this one a nice surprise. I’m keeping a lookout for it in my local comic book store, I hope it comes in soon.


2.  Katana
This is such a badass looking Funko Pop when you see it, images doesn’t really show how awesome it looks!! I can wait to see what Katana kick ass in the film. I love her outfit too, awesome Halloween costume idea. She would make a great edition to the Girl Gang Funko Collection I have. They’ve even managed to get the hair to look exactly the same!

3. Enchantress

How spooky does she look!! Especially her eyes and the way they’ve done her hair is also perfect!! I’m really looking forward to see Cara Delevigne act. I’ve never seen her act before and she looks awesome in the trailers. They haven’t given that much away about the Enchantress and I’m not entirely sure about her backstory either, so her story is something I’m really looking forward to.


4. El Diablo
I love this character, he seems sweet and awesome from the trailer. Just like The Enchantress I’m not quite sure about his background either so I’m excited to, I guess ‘get to know’ him.


5. Underwater Batman
I’ve already seen him and he looks soo cool!! There are many many MANY Batman Funko Pops out there but this has to be one of my favourites. In the two second trailer that I’ve seen Batman looks like he’s going to make an awesome cameo and you got to love some Ben Affleck!! It’s like when Wolverine made a cameo in the X-Men prequels. I think it’s going to feel just like that hehehe.

You can buy Suicide Squad Funko Pops here


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