Birmingham Haul

rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger birmingham haul

Two weeks ago I went on a trip to Birmingham and ended up buying more than I could take home!! I haven’t had a shopping spree or written a haul post in a while so I thought it would make a change.

Birmingham is my favourite city for shopping!! It has all my favourites; Selfridges, Tokyo Toys as well as Forbidden Planet. Also most of the shops are twice the size to the ones in Cardiff so the bigger the shop, the more merchandise they had!! There are only two Tokyo Toys shop in Britain – one in Birmingham and one in Glasgow. I would love it if they opened one in Cardiff but any excuse to go to ol’ Birmingham for the day!!

Well, there is no point blabbering, let’s begin!

rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger birmingham haul

RED5 Water Droplet Dance Speakers
How cool do these look?! And I literally mean they do look LOOK cool, however getting them to do what it says on a tin is an entirely different story all together. Whatever appliance it was plugged into, it just wouldn’t work so we had return it the day after, especially since the sound wasn’t that great either.

rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger birmingham haulrhidixonblog lifestyle blogger birmingham haulrhidixonblog lifestyle blogger birmingham haulrhidixonblog lifestyle blogger birmingham haul

To save money in the cinema we bought some snacks in Tiger, when of the best shops for home-deco or any random bits and bobs you need. We bought some giant marshmallow pack, something I’ve always wanted to try. We also bought some iced gems which was one of my favourite snacks growing up.

You can buy the Gem Biscuits here

Nighttime Lights
See these cute little green balls? They are for decoration around my room. How cute are these!? I take great care and thought into my lighting. I have a torso lamp back home and it’s one of my favourite items!! I also own two jellyfish lava lamps too! When I buy lighting I tend to think of purchases that I can take into my own one day and these will be great for watching films at night time.

rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger birmingham haul night light

Tsum Tsum
I assume you all know what a tsum tsum is, I mean, you must have seen these cute little things in a Disney store. We decided to treat Dan’s niece and nephew and sister to a tsum tsum each, to then treat ourselves to one each later! We got Dan’s sister Beck Spiderman since he is her soulmate, we got Navaeh Miss Bunny because she is clearly the most cutest tsum tsum around an Tayen got Captain America because he has surpassed his Hulk phase.

You can buy your Tsum Tsum here

rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger birmingham haul tsum tsumrhidixonblog lifestyle blogger birmingham haul tsum tsumrhidixonblog lifestyle blogger birmingham haul tsum tsumrhidixonblog lifestyle blogger birmingham haul tsum tsumrhidixonblog lifestyle blogger birmingham haul tsum tsumrhidixonblog lifestyle blogger birmingham haul tsum tsum

Free! Top and Socks
Nothing screams ‘Weeaboo Trash’ than socks and top of one of your favourite anime series. I love Free! and I own many merchandise items from the series but nothing with Sousuke on it (he’s my favourite character) so imagine my delight when Dan bought me this top which has all the characters on it (including Sousuke) as well as these socks. There are five of them and you mix and match the characters however you see fit!! Such cool items, will have to do an outfit post soon.

Buy your Free! Merch here

Unicone Top
I couldn’t go into Selfridges without making a purchase. Finding something I could afford was another problem entirely!! They have every brand you can think; Victoria Beckham, Jeremy Scott as well as my favourite Kenzo. I can’t afford any of them! I decided to have a look in the Primark section when I spotted this cute little Unicorn top from Atmosphere!! Blog post coming soon!!

Tuxedo Mask Funko Pop
I’ve been waiting a long time for this Tuxedo Mask Funko Pop and I’m so happy to have found it in Nostalgia and Comics!! I’ve been meaning to get a Tuxedo Mask themed figurine of some sort for a while so you can imagine how happy I am that Funko decided to  make a Sailor Moon series!! Blog post coming soon!!

Buy your Tuxedo Mask Funko Pop here

rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger birmingham haul tuxedo mask

Vapereon Plushie
If you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you would know I have a major thing for plushies. I’m especially partial to a Pokemon Plushie. Vapereon is the latest in my ever expanding collection and look how beautiful her is?! Look how vibrant his colours are!! He goes really well with my Vulpix plush which I got for Valentine’s last year. He is the biggest plush I currently own and he’s soo cuddly!! I bought him at Tokyo Toys but I couldn’t find him on the website so your best bet is to find it on Amazon.

Buy your Vapereon Plushie here

Tank Girl Apocalypse
I bought Tank Girl Apocalypse and I haven’t been able to put it down! Tank Girl is a British comic created by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin. Tank Girl drives a tank (obviously) and it’s also her home. Throughout her course she would undertake missions while making many mistakes to then be declared an outlaw due to her sexual inclinations and substance abuse. It’s meant to be set in a apocalyptic Australia and she is seen drinking booze in bed with her boyfriend Booga, who is a mutant Kangaroo. What I love about it, is it’s rebellious, British punk edge!! It’s all over the place and I love it! It has quite dark humour but very edgy, what a rock n’ roll comic should be!

Buy Tank Girl Apocolypse here



3 thoughts on “Birmingham Haul

  1. Great post and buys. Birmingham also have Nostalgia & Comics. It’s an independent comic book store, one that I often visit. Tokyo Toys is brilliant. If you get time have a look at my blog where I’ve written about some places in Birmingham like the Electric – oldest working cinema – and places to eat there as well


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