Ghostbusters 2016 Funko Special

Ghostbusters 2016 is out in a few days (WOOP WOOP)!! If you’ve seen the trailer on Youtube then you will agree it looks awesome and HILarious (do not read the comments though, you’ll just read rude comments by butthurt straight boys who can seem to grasp the simple idea that fictional roles can be played by both men AND women). BUT enough of the negativity and let’s talk about something exciting…the new Ghostbusters 2016 Funko Pop wave!!!!!

The Plot
Abby yates and Erin Gilbert are a pair of authors who teamed up and write a book with claims that ghosts are real. A few years after the book is published, Gilbert lands herself an amazing position at Columbia University, however her book resurfaces and she’s laughed out of academia. However strange happenings and apparitions start to appear in Manhattan, so they ask engineer Jillian Holtzmann to build them some special equipment. Patty Tolan also joins the team. She is a lifelong New Yorker who knows the city like the back of her hand. Armed with proton packs and some insane attitude, the four women prepare for an epic battle as more than 1,000 ghouls and demons descend on Times Square, (oh and Chris Hemworth is in it too).

The Pops
There are 8 Funko Pops to collect from this Ghostbusters 2016 series. One of which is Ecto-1 which I briefly mentioned in my other post so I won’t talk about that one. I will provide a link at the end of this article though.
Below are the Funko Pops you can collect from this series. So far there hasn’t been much said about each characters personalities but one thing they do have in common,,,is that they look badass!!  Especially Jillian Holtzmann, her hair looks damn fine and looks like she’ll be a strong female protagonist. She is possibly my favourite Funko from the Ghostbusters 2016 series due to the glasses. Such an amazing colour!!
Directed by Paul Feig, the comedy director behind corckers such as Bridesmaids, The Spy and Heat, Ghostbusters 2016 is set to be a scream (no pun intended).


Abby Yates
Played by: Melissa McCarthy

You can buy Abby Yates Funko Pop here


Erin Gilbert
Played by: Kristen Wiig

You can buy Erin Gilbert Funko Pop here


Gertrude Eldridge 
Played by: ?

You can buy your Gertrude Eldridge Funko Pop here


Jillian Holtzmann
Played by: Kate McKinnon

You can buy your Jillian Holtzmann Funko Pop here


Petty Towlan
Played by: Leslie Jones

You can buy your Petty Towlan Funko Pop here


Rowan’s Ghost
Played by: Neil Casey?

You can buy your Rowan’s Ghost Funko Pop here


Played by: Chris Hemsworth

You can buy your Kevin Funko Pop here



You can buy Ecto-1 Funko Pop here